About Us

Bluestar Shipping Lines Limited

Bluestar Shipping Lines was incorporated as an integrated shipping, freight forwarding and stevedoring company in 1996 to provide world-class shipping/maritime services; rendering excellent, prompt, efficient and competitive services to our clients around the world in areas including

  • Break Bulk
  • Berthing
  • Sailing of Vessel


Our global edge has endeared us to myriads of strategic players in the shipping industry providing owners, managers and charterers with superior services and retaining their loyalty for over two decades.

Our Core Values


  • Exceed all expectations
  • Improve constantly on the quality of deliveries
  • Efficient and effective service to Business Units and Corporate Centre


  • Uphold highest standards of conduct and control


  • Give Corporate Centre control via process standardization across Business Units (BUs)
  • Always look after the interests of members BUs and other stakeholders


  • Provide data and information repository for planning