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Cargill Worldwide

Cargill Worldwide is one of the global players that connect producers and users of grains around the globe through origination, trading, processing and distribution as well as offering a range of farmers services and risk management solutions. Therefore, Cargill Worldwide has over 150 years of experience in handling these various responsibilities. Out of over 150 years of the company’s existence, Bluestar Shipping Lines Ltd has been the leading compass of this great company in ensuring that Cargill discharges its responsibilities to its numerous customers in Nigerian Ports in the capacity of both disport and Protective Agency.

Sucden has been trading in Brazil for nearly 50 years and opened a dedicated office in Sao Paulo in 1994 when the sugar marketing system was liberated. Today, Sucden business with the majority of Brazil’s cane mills is one of the main shippers and merchandisers of Brazilian sugars. The company has invested in her own sugar logistics operations, operating warehouses, internal freight and Port services and the company equally provides financial and risk management solutions to her numerous suppliers across Nigeria and beyond.  In achieving these objectives of this great company, Bluestar Shipping Lines via Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc has been a wonderful and supporting partner to Sucden in its achievement of various services to its Nigerian numerous customers.


Oldendorff is one of Germany’s largest dry bulk ship owners and plys through various routes and channels across the world. On the basis of strong recommendation of other ship owners who have tremendously benefited from our wealth of rich experience Bluestar Shipping has got to offer in the industry. Therefore, Oldendorff has since remained committed and satisfactorily maintain mutual business relationship with Bluestar Shipping Lines Ltd. Few examples of Oldendorff vessels Bluestar shipping lines have husbanded over the years include Mv Dionysus, Mv Frederick Oldendorff, MvMagia, Mv Common faith, Mv Vega Taurus, Mv Mandarin Glory, Mv Mandarin Grace, Mv Bulk Orion, Mv Arnica, MvE.R.Bordeaux, MvArunaEce, Mv Amis Fortune, Mv Florinda 1, Mv Kiana, Mv Ernst Oldendorff , Mv Lily Oldendorff, Mv Bulk Trader, Mv Seas II, Mv New Commander, etc.


Jan De Nul Group is the second largest civil mechanical and dredging company in the world that usually shape water and Land from complex offshore services for both fossil and renewable energy sectors offer large dredging and reclamation project at the edge of water,civil and environmental works onshore. Jan De Nul Group studies and executes complex multidisciplinary projects from A – Z. A total package, time after time, and in a sustainable way. Within the span of few years Jan De Nul Group spent in Nigeria, it has an extremely wonderful and pleasant relationship with Bluestar Shipping Lines Ltd with a letter of commendation at the completion of the first phase of its assignment in Nigeria.

Biglift is a member of the Spliethoff Group – Is one of the world’s leading heavy lift shipping companies specialised in worldwide ocean transportation of heavy lift and project cargoes with a history dating back to 1973.Biglift strives for innovation, excellence and operational reliability, adhering to high health, safety, Environment and Quality standards and operating to strict time schedules. Meanwhile, the Company is now working closely with Bluestar Shipping Lines in Nigeria in order to ensure successful cargo discharge operations whenever any of its vessels call in Nigerian Ports with the project cargoes particularly for the on-going construction of one of the largest refineries in the world.



Heavy lift owners of self propelled barges carrying awkward and heavy lift cargo across the globe.  Likewise, as may be expected, Bluestar Shipping Lines has  an excellent relationship with Topsheen Shipping group in husbanding many of their vessels carrying Dangote Trucks and related cargo from 2012 to date, Bunge-Bulk, Eastmed and Cosco Shipping cargo carrying vessels to Nigeria for Dangote has been husbanded by Bluestar Shipping Lines.  Also worth mentioning in the containers/Conference liners principal to Blueshipping are MSC Global and MAERSK LINE SOUTH AFRICA


Cosco Shipping Lines was born with the integrated container businesses and other Maritime related businesses in China on March 1st 2016.  The company is mainly engaged in domestic and international maritime container transport services & related businesses. Prior the time its disport Agency was incorporated in Nigeria, Messrs Bluestar Shipping Lines Ltd provided the required and professional disport Agency service to the company to enable her reach and satisfy her numerous customers in Nigerian shore and beyond.

For over 45years (MSC) Mediterranean Shipping Company has shipped almost every conceivable type of cargo usually stock in different sizes of containers to diverse Port destinations all around the globe. In an attempt to sustain its global network earned in the course of operations for the past four decades, it has now partnered Messrs Bluestar Shipping Lines Ltd as Nigerian Port discharging Agency in fulfilling its door-to-door delivery obligation with Dangote Industries at Dangote Quay Jetty Lekki. Therefore, Bluestar Shipping Lines Ltd. is the sole disport Agent of MSC in discharging all containerized project cargoes loaded across various ports in the world for Dangote Industries at DQL Jetty.

Bluestar Shipping Lines Ltd provides efficient and effective support/assistance to MSC in delivering its contractual obligation to Messrs Dangote Industries.


Topsheen shipping was founded in 2009. The company’s line of business includes operating vessels for the Marine transportation of freight. Meanwhile, Nigeria is one of the company’s coverage network for business. For efficient and effective discharging of customers’ cargoes on board of her various vessels. The company usually appoints Messrs Bluestar Shipping Lines Ltd as its sole disport agent in Nigeria to enable her achieve this feat to her numerous customers & also as protective Agent for the protection of her vessels and the entire crew on board such vessels.  The various cargoes discharge for Topsheen Shipping at various ports in Nigeria involved General cargoes, Semi-trailers, Trucks, Dump trucks, Spare parts to mention a few.

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